INFERMENTAL - International - Fermentum - Mental - is the first international magazine on videocassettes, initiated by the Hungarian filmmakers Gábor and Vera Bódy in 1980. Alternating editors from different countries assembled approximately annually a 5 to 7 hours lasting video magazine, that informed of the latest tendencies in audio-visual arts.
Infermental's 10 issues + 1 special issue (altogether about 70 hours and more than 1500 artists from 36 countries) are on loan in the video collection of the ZKM Karlsruhe - Center for Art and Media - and are publicly available via a Jukebox-System.
The website’s intention is to provide an insight into the magazines' structure as well as the development of the Infermental-Network. We do not provide video material of the works as the rights are with the individual artists, but there are some Jingles of the categories available. A database with the bibliographic details of the works is accessible, further on, the site presents selected documents of the Infermental-Archive.