Infermental 2

Hamburg, Germany, 1982/83
77 contributions, 15 countries, 6 hours

Editors Oliver Hirschbiegel / Rotraut Pape
Supervisor Vera Bódy

The editors of Infermental 2 placed immeasurable value in the interdisciplinary character of their edition. Proceeding on the idea that IF has no theology, follows no immediate goal, and that this leads to a maximum of flexibility in all directions our goal should be to compile an unpretentious encyclopedia of actual tendencies in all thinkable social areas.
Infermental should be open to all who use video as an artistic, or commercial information carrier, or who are willing, under special circumstances, to do so.
After looking through the material received, we took, accordingly, the liberty of shortening or only using excerpts, whereby the work was reduced to its essential message. Occasionally this brought about the discontent of some makers who mistook and mistake (even now) Infermental for an alternative festival. The edition should achieve, on the one hand, a half way value-free survey of the years production, and, on the other hand, awaken an intrest in the over-all picture. In this way initiating a pursuit of a particular content or along particular lines of thought. Everyone who wanted to know more about particular works or their authors, could through the editors intervention make the wished for contact. In this way the makers were provided the opportunity to present their work complete, unabbreviated and in an adequate framework.
(Oliver Hirschbiegel)