Infermental 5

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1986
39 contributions, 13 countries, 5 hours

Editors Leonie Bodeving / Rob Perrée /
Schouten, Lydia
Supervisor Egon Bunne

Infermental 5 is the Dutch edition of the first international magazine produced on a video cassette. It consists of five tapes, each one is one hour long; and on these tapes a collection of recent works by approximately forty artists from twelve different countries is represented. The works are reproduced in their totality.
We have chosen to set it up thematically, because we believe that the ‘magazine’ will be made more accessible this way. In addition, we hope, in this way, to give the viewer the chance to choose what he or she wants to see in accordance with his or her interest for specific subjects.
Our final selection has been based upon this thematic set-up, but was especially determined by the quality of the works which were submitted.
(Rob Peree)