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Infermental 7

Buffalo, USA, 1988
58 contributions, 17 countries, 5 hours

Editors Chris Hill / Tony Conrad / Peter Weibel
Supervisor Rotraut Pape

As an internationally solicited project, Infermental affords its editors the opportunity to review at one time an unusually broad range of work. As a juror encountering such a field, I found myself caught up with issues concerning the tapes’ various modes of address. I was curious as to whether we would find a broad menu of video “dialects” or rather be impressed by some predictable and legible gestures, suggesting perhaps a widespread engagement with a particular art discourse or a desire for visibility to a specific audience. Perhaps modes of address is presently an American cultural preoccupation, with the clamor of many markets aggressively demanding our attentions within our commodity-driven lives. But more and more it seems that video artists do have the gamble the inspiration, production and reception of their work in a field that demands their weighing of the resources (tools and audiences) offered by a confidently established television industry against a less centralized art and / or alternative cultural or infoemotional scene.
(Chris Hill)