Infermental 9

Wien, Austria, 1989
45 contributions, 15 countries, 5 hours

Editors Ilse Gassinger / Graf + ZYX
Supervisor Chris Hill

We have arranged a program of sights for you, in which – like in Vienese cuisine – the West blends with the East, so as to create an unforgettable experience. Follow us to the select locations of Infermental 9. Our first meeting place, the “Technology Museum” with its Models and Constructions, introduces you to the polymorphous world of media art. We will then continue our tour with a visit of the “Freud Museum” and afterwards discuss, over a Cocktail of the senses in a Viennese café, travesty and visual pleasure. On “Heldenplatz” we have planted some Explosives in the hand baggage, people love to get excited in Vienna. Get your own personal souvenir from the former empirial residence: from the “Giant Wheel in the Snow” to a “Wedding in the Snow” a piece from home, both pastiche and parody.
The final chord or our guided tour is played by the siren sounds of a heavyweight tango, metamorphoses of the imaginary, a dance on the edge of a volcano. Surrender to the charm. There’s more to Vienna. Make time for it.
(Ilse Gassinger)

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